Marc signing off and thanks

I’m adding a quick note to say that I’m so happy that my mom has had a very steady and speedy recovery over the last week. I spoke with her last night and besides the normal post-surgery logistics, she seems to be in good health and spirits. I’m overwhelmed by the support all of you have shown her as it’s helped in ways you’ll never know. I’ve corresponded directly with many of you and I appreciate the care, support, candidness, well-wishes and love you have for her.
I spent last Tuesday pacing in circles until I was able to talk to her. This event has launched me into a deep appreciation for the parent-child relationship and has offered context into my own relationship with my kiddos. There is no relationship like it. I’ve always been close to my mom, regardless of how many miles separate us and this latest chapter only strengthens that bond. If you can believe it, my mom was able to get a Halloween card in the mail for my girls, Midori and Jade, the day after her surgery! They opened it yesterday and we’re so happy. Midori immediately grabbed my iPhone, found Grandma Ann’s contact and called her to thank her for the card. This happened without a single prompt from me (or instructions on how to call her). I swear she knows how to use this phone better than me! 
We’re looking forward to seeing her and the whole Barry family at the end of December as Midori, Jade and I will be spending the Christmas break and New Years in Iowa. Nothing puts my current residence in context like the last week of December in Iowa, that’s for sure!

Thanks again for your care and love for my mom. She’s on the road to feeling like herself again; a path is seemingly much shorter with your thoughts and prayers!