As a Physician Assistant in medical practice, I was initially very skeptical of natural products and supplements. My training was top-heavy in Western Medicine Practices and lacking in focus on natural healing and preventative health.

When I was introduced to <the products Ann distributes>, with my natural skepticism I decided to do some research, since that is what scientists and health practitioners do. I was AMAZED at what I found out about this 65 year old company with integrity, scientific research, and a passion for helping people and the environment!

As I began using the products I decided I wouldn’t be able to control my “telling” others of what I had found, so I began distributing. 8 years later, with 4 children, a part-time medical career, a busy home-life and a husband who is a full-time Christian School Administrator, I am thrilled to say my health business brings me not only a wonderful part-time income, but also the personal passion and satisfaction that I was looking for as I share the products and business with others.

In my home-based business, I set the goals and direction for the business. Plus, I get to live out my Christian beliefs and priorities while operating my business. In fact, my faith and desire to serve God can shine through in what I do every day. My entire home is “Healthy”! From the air purifier to the water purifier to the skin care, cosmetics, and personal care items… the laundry and cleaning products (safe enough to let all of my children use on Saturday chore day), to the vitamins, herbals and meal replacement products.

Operating a integrous business allows me to use and enjoy all the nontoxic products represented by this company my family needs and loves! After multiple no-fault car accidents my physical health and chronic pain has been through it’s share of tests. I can honestly say that these products and the support of my business network of friends (my Barry Family Team as I affectionately refer to them) have helped me in my healing process, as I integrate many natural and medical routes of care to stabilize after multiple injuries to my joints and muscles from these car accidents.

I am thankful to be blessed in all areas of life, and this company for me has been one of those areas!



I love my products and my rep, Ann. When I’m concerned about a particular issue – usually migraines in my case – Ann always passes on research and suggestions from others as well as her own knowledge. When I use a product made by this company, I do so with complete confidence because I know they are pure and made with the very finest ingredients. I also know they’ll dissolve and contain what they are said to. Through the years, this 66 yr. old company and my rep, Ann, have been a valuable part of my life.”


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