Health update #12

Mom called me today and had me listen to a message from her doctor’s nurse. The tests from samples taken during the surgery and the pathology report all came back good. Nothing in the lymph nodes and the 2 types of cancer cells they found in her right breast were in very early stages. The tests from the left breast showed some cellular changes, but were benign. It seems to me that she made the right choice with the double mastectomy. My brother said she looks better today. She went for a massage this morning and she’s feeling very good. She’s a little stiff on the left (I think, or maybe it’s the right) but whichever-other side has better mobility. She’s still getting the hang of the post-surgery maintenance, but she has help and it’s getting easier. I would suppose that as she heals, it’ll be better, but I’m so glad she has the friends she has to help her recover at home. She’s continuing with the homeo pain relief and is managing to stay away from the doctor-prescribed pain killers and she’s introduced her Shaklee regimen back into her body this morning. The supplements and protein has helped her feel like herself again.

Here’s a blurb from James: “Just heard that they got results on tissues they tested from the surgery, and lymph node looks good, removed right had cancer in it (obviously), but remaining tissue showed no residual signs, left side she removed as well as remaining showed no cancer. So, real good news. I’m sure she feels relieved. I stopped in this morning and she was doing well, she had just got back from taking the trash out, driving a couple blocks to her massage therapist, had a massage, and has a couple piano lessons lined up for today.”

Many of you have e mailed me to ask when my mom would start accepting e mails and calls and I think she’s still a few days away from full-contact correspondence. Please feel free to post comments here and I really appreciate your replies to me as well. I’m forwarding them onto her and I think she’ll have the energy to read and talk in a few days.

She read off a list of people she wanted to thank and as you know she’s someone who likes to recognize all for their special traits and actions, but to be honest, she said them so fast I couldn’t write fast enough! So, I apologize if I’m missing anyone (or destroy proper nomenclature) as it’s completely unintentional! She wanted me to say thanks to the Connect Care team at Orchard Hill Church, her cousin Ronnie for the flowers, the many friends and family who have stopped by with flowers and cards and James’ co-workers for their flowers, too. As I’m physically removed from all of the goings on up there in Iowa, I truly appreciate all of you for your thoughts and prayers. This blog was created and instituted by my brother, James and I want to recognize him for this. It is a great idea to keep people informed and a great way for everyone to instantly know how the recovery progresses. I hope you are all well and thanks again!


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  1. OK, my 2nd attempt at commenting. So appreciate this site, James and Marc’s updates. Do people have to come back here and check in to see if I’m alive? I just commented on Healthdate #11 in a semi-sweaty, hyper state, and now on #12, I’m glad to report that I’m breathing normally. So in order for people who commented to know that I saw their comments I reply to them individually? Sorry, just trying to get the protocol and logistics down…it’s a little mind boggling.

  2. So glad for confirmation of good news! Although I was confident that any cancer that dared to invade Ann wouldn’t get very far! Thanks to Marc and James for the updates. Ann, you are a wonderful role model for wellness and your proactive response to this challenge is an example I will never forget 🙂 Happy healing!

  3. Ann, You are truly amazing. Taking out the garbage and driving to a massage!! Then planning to teach!!!!! Wow. God bless you, dear Ann. Take care of yourself and I’ll hope to see you soon.

  4. was so good to see you and even more so, to learn more of the back story to your procedure and the pathology report as a bright spot only days later. Michaela appreciated your teaching at such a time – but then again, you’re appreciated well beyond the music by so many of us.

  5. Hi Ann, So glad to hear of your good news, my prayers to you for a peaceful and restful time of healing. I will talk to you soon!
    Love, Kay

  6. I’m so thankful, Ann, for this news! Praise God!! Thank you Marc and James for making it possible to remain updated and informed. Thanks also to all who have done so much to help Ann….she’s a gem.

  7. OH… HOW WONDERFUL ANN! So glad to hear the GREAT report on the path!!! YIPPEE! I’m sure you are feeling very relieved and grateful for the news! I second a big thank you to Marc and James for making it possible for us to get all the updates in one central location. Blessings to you all and a great big hug to you Ann!

  8. Ann, best news possible! So glad to hear that you’re up navigating on your own. You are truly amazing!!!! Thanks Marc for posting the info and to James for setting up the blog. And to all the friends of my dear friend for taking such good care of her.

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