Health Update #5

Hi! 10.12.09

Chicago bound today to see Dr. Richard Gelband in the rental
car and geez I must have turned a few heads until I got used
to the acceleration and turning radius. I already drive over
curbs with my depth perception issues.

Dr. Gelband turned around my life when the mold issue happened
(was that 2004?, how soon we forget!) I was happy he had time to see me today. He balances energy, ie. heart low, thymus high, low
and high intestine involvement, etc. through applied kinesiology
testing with the larger muscles of the leg (lying down, knee up,
not the arm).

He does a correction from his vast choices of modalities and then retests and continues doing that correction or does a different one until I test strong again. Today, his assistant, Jan and he worked feverishly hard to even get me testable.

Then once that was ready, he used cold laser, colors, mudras, healing statements (apparently I was stuck in the past, wasn’t thinking outside the box, & a 3rd thing I can’t remember—and though I’ll deny the truth in any of that—after the procedure of healing statements and tapping my temples and chest, I tested strong again.) Sounds a little voodooish until I’m hearing on NPR as I’m driving back about healing statements bringing people back from death’s door–organ harvesters quite disappointed, families elated.

Dr. G’s testing for mold allergies showed up as still affecting me. Because of lymphatic stagnation, I am doing homeopathic drops sublingual and frequently is the most effective.
(Seems like I need to sweat more, wouldn’t you say?–skin brushing, exercise, and gofind a sauna).

EZ Gest was critical for correction of the intestines, and he dosed, for
me for the next month it is 5 EZ Gest a day, 6 too much..that’s easy with meals.

After I did the detox circuit (mentioned the 3 steps in an earlier update), I recognized his bookkeeper from when I was there before. We had a good chat as I handed her my insurance card (they take Blue Cross) and did a co/pay. Before I left, he came out to give me a hug and I asked him to take a moment to test each of the items in Vitalizer alone, and all were strong except Vita Lea Gold. When we added my ES Protein and Physique to that, I was strong. I always take my food supplements with the protein.

He is a no pressure kind of person so when he asked how soon I could be back to get more systems and organs tested, I scheduled for Friday. It’s worth it to get myself in better balance. It’s hard to describe, so subtle, but I feel like my body is humming.

He is originally from New Jersey, efficient, with a kind heart. Very organized. He asked if I see Liza who originally directed me to his clinic when the mold thing came down and I asked him back the same question. The answer is no. Isn’t that something, how key people come and go in our lives? I gave him copies of the updates and doctor’s reports. He has a brother who is a radiologist/pathologist in Arizona and he wants to have the MRI results and then will ask his brother for
a 2nd opinion. How cool is that!

Tuesday am: Now’s the time to think miracles. MRI 10 am.

I’m hearing from several of you who wish for me take enough time to consider remission to mean no surgery. Everything I’m doing right now will either help me be prepared with a healthier body for surgery or today’s MRI will come back on Thurs. morning showing nothing there anymore. Having had what I consider one miracle already in my life, I’m open to another one. Barring that, I’ll make the best decision based upon the information at hand. That doesn’t change what I
must do to achieve harmony and balance with my health.

Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Sandy and I will have a consult. I have asked Kristi G., my brother, Larry, and Teresa W. to be on the call with me to help remember what is said and prompt questions and comments they have. The fact is that their perspectives come from a family member or themselves having cancer. Kristi’s medical background, my brother is a Dr. of Oriental Medicine, and Teresa’s detailed mind are a treasure-trove for balance to my bigger picture thinking.

Because this car has a CD player (my 2001 Prius doesn’t) I listened to Dr. Sandy’s “Preparing for Surgery”, “VIVIX (Wow! Dynamite stuff), “Fibromaylgia and Chronic Fatigue”, and started the Stress Mgmt. The more stuff I pick up from that and rereading my notes from attending her two live seminars, the more I can implement it and then save us time on the consult for her to cover other new findings about breast cancer and how it pertains to me. It looks like Robin, her
assistant told me via email that I need to do several other tests for a full read on my blood chemisty.

So enough about me, how are things going for you? Thanks, for you taking a look at your own health, women if you are due for a mammogram, please do it. Other health optimizing opportunities, please get it going. I’ve been enjoying VIVIX more than once a day and hope you are, too. Shirley told me Angel was doing 3 tsp. a day, and Dr. Jamie 2. Right, Shirley? Shirley corrected me on the CarotoMax Wash —it’s 9 a day. Dr. Sandy said on her VIVIX Cd that her liver spots are going away, and Charlotte Gersen of Gersen Therapy Clinic is in her 90’s and has a complexion that is alabaster or as Charotte says, “Liver-
spot free.” I’ve always had liver spots, made much less with Enfuselle and NutriWhite skin care, and I’m actually seen in public sometimes w/o makeup these days. VIVIX is helping that.
Also movement, exercise. I am picking up the pace on that, how about you? And dusting off my juicer. Getting more green and raw powerpacked in a glass.

How you feel and look makes a huge difference in your business. People
are attracted to those things. That’s what is so tough for me to be this honest in public about this bump in the road. I’m being upfront with you because you need to be proactive about your health using all the methods you can to be healthy. I have nothing to hide. It’s just when someone who doesn’t know me well enough to be telling me how to live or die, becomes an energy drainer. You as my Shaklee family and close friends who trust my instincts and research, I need praying big time for me.

I’m feeling very lifted up. Thank you.

There’s things I know to do and have slid on letting down my guard, like everyone does. It’s no excuses time for me.

My red flag is here. While my family was here last week, we enjoyed
ice cream and root beer floats. The ice cream has been tossed and the rest of the pop down the drain. I am used to coffee when I drive to stay awake and alert, but I didn’t even want it on yesterday’s trip.

I’m considering everyone’s suggestions because I know it comes in love and with it comes wisdom. My brother’s suggestion about my overscheduling had me pull out the stress cd to listen to. At the same time, Linda’s suggestion to be with positive people, is very much energy giving as I enjoyed a wonderful salad, made by them w/ their organic vegetables as I came back through from Chicago.

I look at Jim and Linda to be able to walk their talk, raising organic vegetables, Jim able to sell snow to an Eskimo, combining Shaklee with efforts to educate and bring health to many others through their passion of music, Shaklee, and chemical free vegetables and fruit.

This is a bump in the road for me, do what you need to make sure that
you have a smooth ride. And go out and help lots of people today!

P.S. I was asked who this is going to. As people that are helpers in my journey come on, and they ask to stay in touch, I catch them up and add them for future ones to this mailing list. Only the first one went out to ALL the Shaklee builders and leaders weekly call notice directory.