Health Update #4

Hi, Everyone!

Last night I felt so blessed by assurances and decisions made. How quickly it could be deflated by a dear friend, (33 years ago I drove her and husband up to Mayo for his treatments), with her comments about Shaklee and my lack of faith, and abandonment of my principles of natural. What surprised me was how fragile my state of being was as I crumpled into tears after I told her boldly, “I appreciate your comments, and know that I must do what I must do to live.” Ah, the highs and lows of these moments.

Thank you, Connie M., for your insight for your insight on that friend’s reaction to my informing her of the cancer.

The word is getting out w/o my “control”, as a person from my organic buying club emailed her prayers and well wishes as she heard it from someone else. And no harm done, really, except situations like the opening paragraph start to make me second guess talking about it to anyone. I still hope for the words, “I have cancer” to come from me for the most part.

Did the car thing this morning, ended up taking the loaner back and getting the rental from Hertz with very high pressure salesmanship to buy their insurance. I’ll leave for Chicago and Dr. Gelband’s soon, with a zip past Chriss’s to drop by some Shaklee, and a stop back in Milan at Linda’s to plan Sat.’s events in Iowa City.

Meanwhile, my piano student father Dr. Inamdar, the prostate surgeon, had Dr. Waid, the breast cancer surgeon from Covenant Hospital give me a call for a 2nd opinion.
I read him the report and with multifocal he said that a lumpectomy is out of the question. He also told me that next to him, I’m in good hands with Dr. Duven.”Although Doug is good, I’m better and make sure you tell him so when I see him!” He applauded the MRI call and maybe want to consider a mirror image biopsy since I’m concerned about the pain on my left side (the cancer is on the right). He says since it’s just fat (not to downplay) not functional (he was being pragmatic), recovery is just the time for the incisions to heal. He said, get it done, get my falsies and go to Mexico. I don’t mean to make the conversation sound flippant, but I laughed a lot.

Ok, so must get driving,