Health Update #18 12.16.09


December is already 1/2 gone, we are in the midst of truly arctic weather here. Things around me feel a bit scattered because of end of year, Christmas, harsh weather, hustle and bustle is in the air, hospice being called in for my high school friend Jane, so it’s a constant refocusing

Just wanted to check in to say how great I’m feeling. Calm, sleeping well, thinking clearer. I am so grateful for my spiritual mentor, Connie. In our study this past Monday night I latched onto the reflections we had on hope, peace, and love. 

Tonight, I also felt extra blessed as Dr. Jamie, whose GP background and head of Shaklee’s Health Sciences took 45 minutes of her time to talk with me about some of the questions I’ve had. I asked her about Rimidex, about vitamin D, about scoliosis connection with the movement inhibition following the cancer surgery, my life long history of inflammation. I asked Teresa to listen with me. 

Dr. Jamie agreed that with the clear node, clear tissue, small size of the cancer and both breasts removed, that doing Rimidex wasn’t a “need to do” circumstance.  That was the estrogen receptor inhibitor recommended by the oncologist.

I learned from her that anyone who doesn’t have a BMI of 25 or lower might be more prone to breast cancer. Mine came in at 22 last week as I did my first wii fit trial that James bought me for my birthday.

Also, taking 6-9 Omegaguard is not a choice with my amount of inflammation. Vivix also helps. Although Dr. J. said that 1 tsp of VIVIX is what should be taken, there just aren’t enough studies to know if more helps.  Dr. J said that if I wanted to experiment over a 3 month period with different amounts to see how I feel, especially with energy and the achyness if I do better on more. Right now, I am feeling less achy, and I’ve dropped about 2 lbs. that I needed to.

The soy protein has a protective effect against cancer which is NOT what the media is saying (except I did hear on GMorning America last week a medical doctor saying that).  I have stepped up to larger amounts, but we never addressed that except to say she recommended 2 CINCH protein shakes a day and I explained that I feel better on the Energizing Soy and Physique combination than the CINCH, which I still do about every 3rd day.  She said I was getting more D on the CINCH than the other.  I explained that EZ Gest was a necessary item when doing CINCH, and I do a couple with each meal. we didn’t get into digestive dysfunctions but on the Lagoni call last night Dr. Christensen made a good case about gastrointestinal issues causing a myriad of health issues, among them depression which I suffered with severely years ago.

About Vit. D, Dr. J. suggested that I take another D test in Jan. or Feb. when I would apt to be the lowest due to the Iowa winter.  Her feeling is that 2000 a day is a safe amt. to add to the 1800 or so one would get from Vitalizer Gold, 4 Osteomatrix (more is not recommended because of the calcium), and 2 servings of the CINCH shake.   She was supplementing for D with a product made by Synergy that had K in it as well which compliments D and brought her numbers from 32 up to 48.   I will continue to monitor the D because of its association with cancer, sleep, and memory.  I was at 40 which is considered excellent by the medical establishment, Dr. J. says 50-60.  Dr. Bevacqua said 80 – 105.  I’m monitoring it with Dr. Gelband, and right now I’m needing very high amounts of D.  Dr. J. didn’t feel that kineseology is an accurate test for D, but I do plan to do a blood test in a few months anyway.

And as for the structural side effects from the scoliosis with the breast surgery, she seemed to think that the protein and omega amounts that I’ve stepped up would only help. Scoliosis can inhibit lung function due to the movement of the ribs and is complicated with the surgery scarring.  Amy, the physical therapist, was able to loosen up movement on my right side last week and I see her again tomorrow. It’s really strange to feel so numb still. So on my own I have started to add 6 B complex to see if those nerves will regenerate.  Also, Amy gave me exercises with a band, and I’ve stepped up my exercise regime by using the power plate at Dr. Wilson’s office often.  Walking and pilates will be part of the new year’s plan.

Eating organic fruits and veggies 7-9 a day has been shown to lower breast cancer risk.  Not gaining excessive weight is also a deterrent.  Lean proteins, increased antioxidants, avoid chemicals, stepping up omega 3 fatty acids, having a positive support system and being aware that one tumor means that a 2nd one can appear any place.   It seems pretty common for reoccurrances with breast cancer, and my belief is to be aware, enjoy the health journey I’m on and grateful for the chance to be healthier.

The question in my mind that Dr. Jamie dialogued with me was why do I feel so much better?  Was it that I just stepped up my amount of supplements?  And she pointed out ….with the same conclusion that I had come to, that having the cancer gone has provided for the body to regroup.  It’s not just that I’m grateful for a 2nd chance.  It’s truly a sense that is hard to explain, but feeling this way is new to me.  I have probably been in a physical desert for awhile and pushing through had become a way of life causing mental and emotional stresses. 

May you each find that place for yourself prior to any huge health trauma because the desire for it and the work that it takes to get there and maintain it is worth feeling great.

5 thoughts on “Health Update #18 12.16.09

  1. Ann Thank you for sharing your journey. The thing that I hope I am addressing in the way I have gone about my own journey is that I am addressing the causes and will not need to be concerned about a future occurrence of a tumor. Probably one of the reasons that I have not done surgey, chemo, or radiation. The side effects are too risky. Once I am done with the current treament I will be done.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. Besides keeping us informed, I know it is also healing for you. I have a close friend who is an artist. She painted herself through the whole ordeal and then went on to become an art therapist. Reading your story reminds me of her.
    This past weekend Dr. Brouse did an great lecture on the immune system, vitamin D and Rx for Health. He recommends that D levels should be over 75. Mine was 38 and he prescribed 1 50,000iu once a week for me. He mentioned Portland’s not having sun for months. You may want to ask about that. I have his slides if you want them.
    I just started my own blog!!! Check it out and tell me what you think!!
    Hugs, Joan

    • Thanks, Joan. On an earlier post I believe I addressed the sun thing. Dr. Bevacqua said anyone north of the line of Atlanta doesn’t get enough sun and even teens working in Tucson in the summer tested low for her. The once a week is helpful to me since I have forgotten to take my D the last 2 nights to know it’s still effective doing it bigger doses less frequently. My desire is that something that I stumble on and share will help others. And it’s the greater collective wisdom that will be of the biggest help. Ann

  3. Ann, sounds like it was a fantastic call and brought a lot of the pieces together for you! Thanks for sharing these excellent notes, I have made a document and filed it with my health consultation resources! So glad to hear you are feeling well and God is continuing to heal you mind and body!

    • God is definitely at work all the way around. That’s why when people say, “Are you sure you’re okay?” I know I am. I want others to learn as I do. Thanks for your well wishes, Kristi.

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