Health Update #17 12.6.09

Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009

Between yesterday’s Birthday cards (I turned 62), and Thanksgiving Cards and Get Well Cards, the card industry is doing quite well.  I received postings of numerous Facebook entries, but I haven’t opened that since before Mexico. So thanks everyone for your patience.

This will be quick. Thursday,  I saw Amy at Physical Therapy Partners. Ann P. went with me. It was an incredible appointment. Amy explained about posture, rounded back muscles extended and weakened, caved-in chests tighten and become weakened. She said most breast cancer patients come in with jackets covering up. She suggested we ALL walk as if we had a direct line from out sternum to our higher power. She explained that every women needs to go to a good bra fitter (Teresa called me with her recommendation), because as much as 5 lb. can make a difference in your posture. She described the structure of scars and how the skin reacts and what our responsibility for breaking the fibers up enough so that our nerves upon regenerating won’t have to find deadends to have to go around. She explained that the searing pain in my armpit was shortened muscles and that actually, I’m not too bad and says that I won’t have to have too much work done.  She gave me homework–exercises to do which everyone would benefit from in the home and workplace.  Every hour (every half hour between students), roll the shoulders back.  Do 3 standing pushups with elbows up against the doorstops or corner of wall.

Between that and Billy who teaches the Alexander Technique and came yesterday to my home, teaching the body awareness, habits, and ease of  being, I feel like I’m breathing better already.   I’m a little sore but that is from slightly overdoing on Friday to help James move.  Their home is already in good shape, I went over yesterday with the leftover food from my piano student’s classes and spent the afternoon enjoying the grandkids. Josie actually spent time with me in Jace’s room “reading” her books (shes’s 2 1/2), while I put the boys’ books away. They ordered supper from the Brown Bottle and I blew out my 62 candles on a brownie pie. 

Finally, Dr. Bevacqua’s stuff arrived. I explained on my Thurs. night conference call about her Ph paper for acid/akalinity.  Zimotol which is to be taken w/o food,  iodine  and D which Dr. B. tells me there are not so good products of those out there and so I trust hers.  I don’t know if it’s that or the product that Dr. Gelband has me taking which was indicated due to foggy thinking, but adding them all to my good Shaklee regimen is definitely helping my energy level.

Thank goodness for all the experts in their fields being willing to help me find my way in this maze of information and helps.  My best to you,  Ann.

4 thoughts on “Health Update #17 12.6.09

  1. Oh, Ann…

    Thanks for another wonderful, helpful update!

    I’m so glad SO MANY OF US KNOW HOW TERRIFIC you are and celebrate that you were born and are in our lives!

    Feel a big, gentle hug across the miles. Light and healing to the armpit and along the scars and tightened muscles. Healing angel kisses to all of them to ease and heal and melt away!

    Much love, Shirley

  2. So glad you had a great (gulp) 62nd birthday. I still see you as that young woman coming into the bank for a business loan. You ARE still that young woman … and so am I. Its all in the mind. And thankfully you sound well on your way to 100% health again.

    I took somatic yoga for several years; it was actually my introduction to yoga. I know my first teacher talked about the Alexander Technique in our classes. I’ve done yoga since 1998 and today I do something called “Stretch and Pray” and encourage you to try a gentle yoga when you’re ready.

    You are so good at finding just what you need so you don’t need my input but just wanted to share that.

    Much love from me and a belated happy day,
    Bev Kilman

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