Health Update #10

10.24.09 Sat. evening

Beautiful fall day today, taught early make up lessons for next week
to free up surgery and recuperation time. Luckily all but one piano
family was able to reschedule their lives to do this. Not easy with
all that people have going on.

Was able to catch the tail end of my grandson, Jackson’s bowling
birthday party. When he asked me to come over to the house
afterward, I had to say no to keep doing stuff on my list.

I stopped by the church to find a phone number and Pastor Ed
was leaving, gave me reassurances, and I told him that it hit me
yesterday that in spite of everything I think, do, or the Dr.’s do,
I could die sooner than I want. I thought after a quick moment of
that realization, “Well, I’m in good hands.” The introspection to
get to that moment was daylong and very draining.

Went shopping for some front closure soft clothes in prep
for surgery. Made sure I ate a good supper–good nutrition
is paramount right now–then headed out to a friend’s retirement
party. Gosh, Marc was ringbearer in her first wedding. I planned to
avoid the food and alcohol and knew I wouldn’t know many people
there so planned to stay a short while, but the band was really good.
FatCat. One of Kathleen’s relatives leaned over, and yelled in my
ear over the music that when he was kneehigh to a grasshopper
he remembered me as that Shaklee lady. I informed him that I
also was in a RnR band for 9 years and spent many a weekend
being in and listening to bands.

Mary Lou’s book is excellent so far. The author is a breast cancer
survivor, a writer by trade, and it’s the kind of book that coaches
someone like me through the entire process. Luckily, so far,
I’ve had great resources in all of you and what she suggests,
has been the course we’ve done so far. Yesterday, another
book arrived from Caroline whose friend who doesn’t know me
bought for me. Those acts of kindness really take me by surprise.
I got an email from someone I barely know from a trip to Ohio and
I met several of her friends doing a Shaklee meeting. Their bible
study group took time to pray for me. And the cards are coming
in and I have a dedicated basket for them, and will enjoy them much
in the coming weeks and months. One thing the author of the
book says is that this surgery and the after effects last
for three years on average. It’s an experience of endurance.
My hope is that the lymph nodes are clear which lessens the
need for chemo and those side effects.

Well, wanted to get some thoughts down for today. Compared to
yesterday, today felt doable.