Health Update #10.5

Hi, Monday evening. 10/26/09

Today was like trying to get ready for a party and everyone calling at
an hour or two before checking to see what to bring, what time it is,
and what the address is. I would hang up and the phone would ring
and I would answer thinking it was the last person with whom I just hung up
with who forgot something. It was someone else. Thanks, everyone for
keeping it short and sweet.

I’m at the computer right now because I had some Shaklee work to
complete before I head out to the store to get some last minute
supplies and do some mailings. Besides getting ready for a party, it’s
also been a little like getting ready for a trip, packing supplies for the
outing. I was so fortunate that a cancellation to the bra specialist allowed me
to get in there today so that I have that compression bra to help me
heal after surgery tomorrow. Thank you, Laura, for faxing the insurance
info to her for me. Every moment saved by everyone’s help and thoughts
is very appreciated.

My friend and organizer, Jessica, strategized with me what things to have
out so I won’t be reaching or lifting for awhile. Thanks to Kristi G. for
handling my communication responsibilities to my Shaklee family for
this week’s activities.

It was so great to be able to get my students’ pieces set for the Festival
of Trees, Festival, Surprise Class with early lesson. Thank you, Sankey’s
for the thoughtful shawl, Olivia for the 4 yr. anniversary flowers, and
just everyone for the greatest 2 weeks of good attitudes!

Tomorrow, Vicki will pick me up and take me for the node mapping at 6:30 am.
She’ll take me to Medical Park about 8. James is going to be there through
the surgery which is from 9 – 10:30. Jennifer B. wanted to be with after the
surgery for a little bit. That’s all new developments today. As said before,
James will take me home and Kathy P. and Ann P. will do their shifts to
make sure someone is with me per Dr.’s orders. Marc will send out a status
report on Tues. night. I won’t know anything until later on Tuesday myself,
so once I’ve talked with the boys, Marc can let you all know. And thanks
for your sending the information on to others.

Kristi, you can use the directory to send on Marc’s email. Crystal, thanks
for letting my piano studio know. Dr. Zach, thanks for letting CVN know.
Kathleen thanks for letting our high school “Sisterhood of the travelling
bracelet” know. Bob and Mary Lou thanks for passing the info on to the
Nakayama clan. Barb, could you let the NAMTA teachers know? And
Pastor Ed, maybe you could put it on the prayer line for me?

So there you have it. I’m feeling calm. Sleeping well this week.
No doubt I’m in good hands and your prayers are added reinforcement.

Be well,

My daughter-in-law, Jeni will stop by early on Wed., followed by Laura H.,
Jean, Jacinda, Marsha H. and Joan R. to see me through the day on Wed.
I so appreciate their willingness to help me.

Cards poured in today, and I must put them in a basket unopened as time
is so short. I’ll enjoy them so as I recuperate. The emails and phone messages
are very appreciated, too. Thank you.