Health Update #7

I started to say that having no message yesterday was due to Wed.’s
being killer days. Will have to learn to rephrase that. Wed’s are already busy, plus putting in an extra chiro scoliosis appt., quick stop by to make a Dr. appt. and instead she got me surgery ready with the papers, and then a 2 hour consult with Dr. Bevacqua thrown in……it was a full day.

There’s so much to say about what is coming together. Dr. Wilson
explained that the scoliosis curve had compromised the nerve energy
for years and any correction, even the very slightest can help. I know
that without the neck strengthening we had been doing I would have
suffered horribly from the biopsy (belly down, twisted legs to the side,
and laying on the side of your face for 45 minutes), and the MRI
position and I had no sensation of problems. Yesterday for 18 min.
I had 17 lb weights and for 2 min. they added another 2 1/2 lb. I know,
you’re probably aghast, but it’s true and that’s going from the first
time he tractioned that way and I was crying because it hurt so bad
and I think it was less than 7 lb. for 4 min.

Dr. Christ, my GP, explained that she felt a slight density on the right
side that caused her to ask about the need for a mammogram. She
feels that the restrictions that came back from the pulmonary exam
I had asked for was probably due to the scoliosis and the burn scars.
(That happened when I was 2 yr. old and I have burn scars from under
my arms to couple inches above my knees. She also feels that is no
concern about anesthesia during surgery. She told me yesterday that
an 8 yr. very sick, probably with the flu, when asked to take off her
face mask to look down her throat, sneezed fully into Dr. Christ’s
face. So even though Dr. Christ was Purelling sp? like crazy….even
I was a little reluctant to shake her hand at the end of the appointment.

I want to thank James, Marc, my brother Larry, Teresa and Loren
Wakefield, Kristi Gonzalez for coming on Dr. B’s call yesterday.
Sandy Bevacqua asked the unasked question of “WHY” does Ann
have to be a cat with 9 lives, living another chapter of something
threatening her, this time cancer. I love that, and hate that. So,
it will take some time to decipher all the homework she gave, so
for now I suggest you all stop sugar, drink good water, exercise
more, and write out where your life will be in 10-15-20 years. See….
all that’s easy for me…’s the giving up of white rice I joyfully
embrace (she caught me on my languaging of using the work HARD

So, I’m off to massage, MRI read …both with my friend Ann Pixler
and another appt. with Dr. Wilson, then my normal day.

Thanks so much everyone for walking with me.