Ann’s Health Update #14

Tues., 11/17/09

Hello. Hope you’re doing well. I know everyone is stretched, so appreciate your taking the time to stay updated.  Hoping something in my journey will help someone else.

Today Dr. Duven drained fluid from the front left breast area (no sensation for me) and from the left side slightly above where the elbow rests– about 20 cc. (It was pinchy, but I didn’t want to have him numb it). Had to sit up as the fluid disappeared from the screen when I was laying down.  The tape strips he had put on last Monday the 9th where the staples were,  were still on, but he removed them, saying the skin was healing beautifully, let him know if there’s anything with pain, temp and he’ll see me in 6 months. He told me to be aggressive about the scar tissue and that I have a year’s window to regain my full range of motion. I asked Niki, the nurse about some PT for the restriction of motion I’m having with my arms and she set up with an Amy who specializes in aftercare for breast surgery. I’m hoping Ann P. will come with to watch as Niki says Amy will recommend certain massage motions. I am not playing piano as well right now and that’s an impetus for me.

Yesterday while at Dr. Gelband’s in Chicago, he helped to do some protocols that strengthened a very trembly raised right arm while I was laying down.  I was thrilled that is has taken away the pinching I was feeling under the arm. I drove home being able to steer the right arm around turns over the top of the steering wheel.  What I’m most pleased about was due to yesterday’s visit, I feel more myself as he worked with the balancing of the right/left brain with what time he had left.

So, Friday is Dr. Sangha, the oncologist. I have some research left to do before I’m clear about what I plan to do. As you know, they always want to do something reminding anyone with cancer that you are never cancer free. There’s no such thing as they got it all.

Twelve of us in the Barry Shaklee Family enjoyed an all expense paid trip to Mexico.  We left on Tues. 5 am and got back Monday at 1 am. Getting ready for the trip seemed like too much work and it was Wed. am before I could honestly begin to enjoy my time there.  Today got off my phones the saved messages for orders and callbacks from before surgery which was Oct.26. So I hated leaving so much undone. But truly it was just what the doctor should have ordered. Away from cell phones, computers, warm weather, beautiful palm trees and deep blue water, delicious food (esp. vine ripened fruits and vegetables full of flavor) already prepared and you could eat anytime….no deadlines.  Monday, I reentered home for a few hours and left town again, got home late last night exhausted and today I realize how much there is to do.

Somehow, though, I feel so much lighter than the 20 cc’s of fluid gone. I talked a long time this morning with my brother, Larry, and we both are at a place we know what to do, it’s getting ourselves organized to do it. I shared with him all the suggestions about cancer (Larry’s is prostate) that I learned on the trip from such amazing gurus of health there, but he like many people knows what he wants to do and that’s it! So more power to him and all of you.

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned and hopefully you’ll have an openness to hear it.  Jim Burke was a cancer specialist and his recommendation of 8 oz. of Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein and 9 NutriFeron comes through Marty and Lynn Fredricks whose friend went from Stage 3 pancreatic cancer in 4 1/2 months later being told there was NO SIGN OF IT!  Elena tells me the magic is taking 6 NutriFeron at night.  This, of course, is along with your other supplements, no sugar, enough sleep, good exercise to a sweat, detoxifying, getting good hydration with good water, destressing, and eating raw fruits and vegetables as a foundation of your nutrition. Dr. Bevacqua highly recommended juicing from a previous blog I left.  While in Mexico, Suzanne and I ate so regularly and healthy and I took my protein and had my additional supplements to the Vitalizer like clockwork!!

I also relearned while there thanks to Suzanne, Jessica, and Marissa, how to really laugh until you cry. I told them if laughter cures cancer, I’m cured!

So, Monday I’m back in Iowa.  It was 11 am before I ate breakfast and took my first installment of protein and vitalizer, I then ate in the car to Davenport and once there after the meeting had an apple and a protein drink and realized I had forgotten my baggie of supplements. Linda offered hers, but I just took another Vitalizer instead. The next morning we had hot oatmeal and I did more protein powder, went to visit a friend who offered me a salad, nuts, seeds, raisins for lunch, and on the way to Chicago, I drank a protein drink and cinch tea.  Grabbed a mid afternoon meal at my favorite restaurant by people from Hong Kong there in Chicago, and followed with protein powder in water.  On my way home I had my 4th protein drink and once home was able to get most of the supplements down that I had wanted to take on Monday. I was a tired puppy last night. Fresh raw was the apple, lettuce and the protein powder for both Monday or Tuesday which was about 1/2 of a meal in Mexico! It’s reality, and I gotta plan and work harder at doing better.

Today has been absolutely excellent. Full of energy. And although so much to catch up on, Dr.’s visit and much to do to get ready my studio ready for my seven students playing in Festival Saturday coming for a group lesson, I’m thrilled with the staying power of energy that I’m feeling.

In no small part due to the wonderful conversations I had with so many of you by phone and email today. The fact that Jean and Jennifer raked my yard today and saved me $50 for the city to vacuum it up is also a huge part of it. I got to see Lori and we made plans for me to resume exercising with her tutorage.  E-talking to my high school friends that I got to show off the bracelet in Mexico and tell the story to so many of my Shaklee friends. I sent the bracelet off to Jane yesterday while in Chicago and today we’re told she has been hospitalized with a blood clot before they were able to resume chemo.  I was supposed to send the bracelet to a different person, but I had a strong sense that Jane was supposed to get it out of order.

So, word for the day, follow your senses, go on vacation even if everything inside you is screaming—-ya gotta get stuff done, laugh alot,  and even though you intend to do a plan perfectly, do it—-even imperfectly as consistently as you can.

Thanks to James for posting Fun with Suzanne. Here’s a close up of so you know this Mexico trip was therapeutic.

Love, Ann

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  1. Hi Ann,
    I’m Malcolm’s Mom and Paradise’s Granny. It was so good to see you last night at the College Square piano recital. Just so glad to see you and see that you are doing well. I’ve tried to keep up with your health updates, they have been pretty amazing. May God continue to bless you.

    Love Jackie

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