9 thoughts on “Fun with Suzanne

  1. Ann, you are a natural at these “up in the air” activities!! Is your pilot’s license next???Take care!!! Francy

  2. what fun you must have had. I parasailed over Lake Tahoe before I did my tandem dive and just loved the peaceful place that had me in.

    Guess tonight would not have been a good lesson night no matter what; Mickey’s got H1N1 and we’re just hoping she gets to participate in the weekend events, let alone rehearsals. Fortunately we have the night off those anyway. Hope YOU’re well! We just have our share of issues these days it seems…I”ll just have to look at stuff like this to recognize brighter, loftier days will come!

    • Carole, let me give you both some NutriFeron. I’ll leave it in mudroom, stop by and start taking one every couple hours, both of you. Ann

  3. I am starting to get worried to open pictures from you or watch videos….each time you are doing something more and more brave. You are amazing!!!
    It looks like you had a great time.

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